As marketeers it’s important for us to look forward at industry trends to see what impact this will have on consumers and resulting business strategies. Even if you can’t see an immediate role for something like the release of the Apple Watch, it’s always worth knowing what’s around the corner as the market continues to move at an incredible pace. But with so many lists and predictions out there, it can be quite overwhelming. So we decided to do the work for you and summarise the key trends in mobile for 2015.

While we all got sick of reading articles in 2014 titled, “mobile is here to stay” — it’s only the beginning; and there’s no denying it when you look at the stats. Recent findings indicate that Millenials (born in the 80's and early 90's) are projected to have a global purchasing power of $2.45 trillion this year and prefer mobile as their number one way to be reached and interact (Steve French, Open Market/ Mashable). What we’re seeing is a shift in consumer power and markets will have to respond; Millenials are growing up and what they’ve gotten used to is mobile convenience. Once Generation Z (late 90's and 2000's) comes into reign they’ll not only be used to mobile, they won’t comprehend life without it. Every generation sees major changes during a lifetime — mobile and technology just happen to be some of the major ones these two have seen.

The forecasts are in

Most of the trends we’ve seen imply that everything we saw in 2014 will only get bigger and better; we will see more mobile, breathe more mobile and engage more with mobile. We at Hi Mum! Said Dad would argue that mobile is no longer an option, but mandatory for brands in trying to reach new and existing consumers; and here are some of the trends that will be contributing to that:

1. Wearables: The most common prediction we’ve seen amongst forecasters is that wearables are coming into full force this year. While there are still lots of unknowns around the Apple Watch, it’s expected to be released at some point in the first half of this year. We’re also loving the competing Android Wear UI, and it will be interesting to see which brand makes the first move into a watch specific app; Nike would be a good bet. On that note, the burgeoning fitness tech market continues to grow so we’re looking forward to see how brands and developers use HealthKit and Google Fit with the ever-increasing health-related wearables. So get ready to get set because the year of wearables is about to begin.

2. Seamless multi-screen experiences: consumers are now using apps across a number of devices: smartphone, tablets, web applications, home consoles and now wearables. Consumers are looking for a seamless experience across all of these devices, with expected data synchronisation, allowing them to pick up from where they left off. For instance, Apple introduced their Handoff functionality in OS X Yosemite earlier this year allowing users to switch between their computer and iPhone with ease. The brands that can offer this utility with their apps will have an advantage over those that don’t.

3. Vehicles will integrate mobile: 2015 is the year we’ll start to see some of the advances made in mobile technology start to filter into the cars we drive; and just in time as Generation Z learns to drive. Both announced in 2014, we should start to see Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Open Automotive Alliance featured in more cars this year, extending the power of mobile to the driver’s dashboard.

4. Paying with your mobile: Mobile payments will finally make it to these shores when Apple releases Apple Pay for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Since its release in the US in late 2014, Apple Pay already represents the majority of mobile payment transactions, and there’s no reason to think that won’t be the case in the UK. While there will undoubtedly be an opportunity for brands with a physical high street presence, we think there’s a huge win for in-app mobile payments which we talk about in a blog piece from last year.

Contiki Shout!

5. Travel with Mobile: Travel companies will increasingly go mobile in looking to create an integrated experience. This means users won’t have to leave the app to book flights, hotels or holidays. One of the apps we worked on, Contiki Shout!, allowed users to connect with their fellow travellers before, during and after their holiday. Able to get organised with travel tips, city guides and itineraries, create and share albums, and meet and chat with tour mates; it helps the consumer while generating engagement and positive word-of-mouth for the brand. This is just one of the ways mobile can enhance the travel experience; and judging by the forecasts the possibilities are endless.

Final thoughts: In 2015 it’s not just about what the consumer wants, it’s about what they expect. So what do all of these predictions have in common? They all help businesses generate data that allow us to create better user experiences. Recent findings show that the best insights come from when brands simply asks the user for consent to use their data. So in 2015, just ask. Whether it’s an application or an optimised website, people will be more aware of personal data this year and how it affects their privacy; be honest with your consumers and let them know why you need information and how it will benefit them; honesty builds trust and trust fosters relationships. So cheers to the New Year! From what we hear, it will be a great one for mobile.

If you want to talk more about 2015 and how it affects your brand tweet us @HiMumSaidDad or email me directly. We’d love to help!

Co-authored by: Baydr Yadallee and Gracie Clemens

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