Our Managing Director, Craig Wills, spoke with the team at Podio and here’s what he said.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Hi Mum! Said Dad. What’s the story behind your name for instance?

Hi Mum! Said Dad kicked off just over three years ago with a mission to help clients make the most of mobile.

We create the best-in-class experiences across mobile and other emerging connected devices for clients we love; and we’ve been lucky to be able to do that for the likes of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Tastecard, Molson Coors, Cadbury, Comic Relief, Contiki, Maynards, BreatheSport and many more.

A lot of people ask about the name, it all came about from our belief that collaboration is fundamental for successful mobile initiatives; whether that’s internal collaboration, with partner agencies across channels, or within the client stakeholder group — it’s all about working together, like a family. However, I don’t know if we’re more like the Brady Bunch or the Addams Family.

What’s the secret to good client collaboration?

It’s a combination of things, organisation and regular communication, but in its simplest form, it comes down to everyone on the project team holding a strong and unified understanding of the core project goals.

What’s the best brief you’ve been given?

That’s a tough one, I couldn’t name just one! It’s always fun to get a brief that gives us scope to use technology and creative innovation to solve a fundamental business challenge. We recently developed a handful of connected device prototypes for a big brand that could have a substantial role in the home. I wish I could say more, but watch this space.

Our experience talking to agencies tells us there is still room for improvement with regards to internal workflows and processes, what’s your view?

Absolutely! The rate of pace in both tech and consumer behavior means that we have to constantly evolve what we do and how we do it. In some regards, this has been led by us undertaking more product development work that requires us to run in a more agile fashion.

Do you believe software can play a role in helping agencies do better work?

Absolutely, we use a myriad of software solutions to improve our ways of working. In fact, the tech and creative teams have a weekly “geek off” to share new frameworks and tools that help collaboration and output. There’s definitely been a massive shift in terms of moving from desktop applications to web-based ones, which allows our staff to work more flexibly in terms of devices, and even location. Essentially, no one’s tied to their desk anymore.

And finally, how do you see the future of agencies?

Well, I suppose it depends on the type of agency we’re talking about. For us, the rate of technical advancement will have a huge impact on where we go next. Ultimately, no matter what that looks like, the winning agencies will be those that put user behavior at the core of their approach, and are able to use the massive array of data at their disposal to drive UX/UI forward and speed product evolution.

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Thanks to managing director Craig Wills for taking the time to talk to us. Remember, if you’d like your agency profiled, drop us a line at aaron at getbeagle dot co

Originally published at blog.getbeagle.co.