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The Apple Watch is now available for pre-order and the first reviews are in. The question is, does Apple’s first new product launch since the iPad in 2010 live up to the expectation?

We’ve read a bunch of reviews from the web and have summarised some of the general sentiment:


  • The watch is great but not essential (yet)
  • The Sport Band is the model to go for
  • Taptic Engine works well as does Apple Pay
  • Glances are super convenient when on the go, helping users put down their phone


  • Only a day worth of use with the battery
  • The leather bands are priced high but the quality is low
  • The screen’s pixels aren’t sharp
  • Initial software seems laggy

The HMSD view:

In the office, a few of us love it and a few of us don’t. What you get from a product is often determined by what you expect and why you expect it; so it depends on your background. A designer will have completely different views than a developer does when using a smartwatch; and someone who is an avid watch aficionado will be less impressed than one who is not. I won’t be buying one but that’s because every time I have a watch I forget to wear it, or worse, lose it.

Given this is Apple’s first new product in 5 years, and the first since Steve Jobs passed away, it was always going to come with a huge amount of hype. And Apple are certainly confident they have another blockbuster on theirs hands; they ordered millions to be produced before pre-order was even available.

Even if they haven’t smashed it out of the park with the Apple Watch, nothing is perfect in the world of product development — especially the first time around (anyone remember the first iPhone?). As mentioned in a previous post, we live in the age of evolution where products and services are never finished being improved and consumer expectations are ever growing. We have no doubt that Apple are already working on a second generation, making this year’s release obsolete. If they add “Find My Apple Watch”, maybe that’s the one I’ll buy.

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