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Rob went to Amazon HQ last Wednesday to hear more about their plans for Alexa, which is set to feature in jackets now, believe it or not.

“It was a fascinating day and really reinforced the fact that Voice Interfaces are going to change the way we do a lot of things in the future.”

If Voice also piques your interest and you’re interested to hear more about our approach to designing for this brave new platform then you can always drop him line here.

Till next time, have a great weekend and remember — spring is coming (soon hopefully…).

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Huawei showed off a self-driving Porsche powered by their Mate 10 Pro at the MWC. Image credits: TechCrunch

Cars making headlines at the MWC

At this week’s Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, demos from Huawei and BMW teased out how smartphones could be the main interface for human-car interactions in the self-driving future.

Meanwhile, Ford announced that they will be adding Google’s navigation software Waze into their in-car interfaces, and will also be further integrating voice commands and drivers’ smartphones for a more frictionless experience.

The war (exemplified by this piece on in-car navigation) between the automotive and tech industry over who controls the interface between humans and cars has sparked some interesting discourse, as highlighted by Rob’s article below.

By Oliver Iyer, Strategist

In-car digital assistants: more than Alexa in a cupholder?

Due to the significant barriers to entry for car manufacturing, the automotive industry hasn’t experienced the same levels of disruption as other industries. That is, until now, with Google and Apple both in varying stages of readiness to enter this market.

This has had many of the established car brands question just how much of the valuable in-car brand real-estate they want to give away to the tech giants’ voice interfaces. It’s an interesting area and so we were all fascinated to read about BMW’s position on the matter in this illuminating interview with their SVP for Digital Products, Dieter May.

By Rob Pisacane, Strategy & Partnerships Lead

Taking blockchain beyond cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have been the talk of the town in recent months with many prominent figures asserting that they have no real value and forewarning of an imminent crash.

However, the technology that underlies cryptocurrencies, blockchain, does have some value. The Indian government is leveraging the blockchain to tackle a genuine problem in the country: fake degree certificates.

By Jeevan Jayaprakash, Strategist

Design thinking can be applied to almost anything. Image credits: BBVA

Make your meetings more effective with Design Thinking

Are you daydreaming in your meetings? Or doing other work during them? Are a lot of your meetings spent discussing irrelevant issues?

According to research by Georgetown University, most of us should (worryingly) identify with at least one of these statements.

The Harvard Business Review has turned to the Design Thinking approach (an approach that we also borrow from) for some help. A fascinating example of how design thinking principles can help you in your day-to-day work.

By Taco den Outer, Design Director

Originally written as part of Hi Mum! Said Dad’s weekly newsletter, H! Lites.

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