Written by: Ben Cheston

Style and substance, creativity and data, design and user experience, technology and humans; the blend of two things, working symbiotically, can deliver incredible results. Some of the worlds’ most luxurious watch brands are lining up opportunities to make their watches smart. A friend of mine recently shared how he valued the simplicity, focus and key brand tenets of his new watch. It wasn’t an iWatch and it wasn’t smart, but it was flawless and focused.

While I’m not sure if I’m ready for a smartwatch, I can see how it could be incredibly useful. Just like our work at Hi Mum! Said Dad, the products and projects we work on need to be developed and delivered for the right reasons. Smart items have to embrace the best of the old as well as the new, retaining style, substance and value.


If something is simple, then consumers can understand, value and appreciate it. If it’s over complicated then it’s less likely to be adopted or consumed. Of course, just because something is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy to use. It’s imperative the product stems from function or purpose.

Functional context

It has to exist, action or behave for a specific function and within context. Each step, facet and item should have simple reason for existence. If it isn’t useful it won’t be used. Sometimes the reason for existence is right, but the features developed to provide the function aren’t entirely adequate or affective. This leads on to evolution.


Products and services are never 100% on the first attempt. Everything always has an upgrade, a new version, an evolution or it’s discarded and forgotten. Apple has changed behaviour and expectations of modern consumers around evolution. More and more consumers are happy to accept that the product they pay for will have a staggered evolution. This gives us the environment to deliver an improving product and customer service.

Let’s just hope that TAG Heuer’s foray into the smartwatch market has style, substance and utility, and is connected for the right reasons.

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Originally published at www.himumsaiddad.com.