Food Moments for Thought

Posted by Ben Cheston

Identifying and capitalising on occasions has always been an affective way of targeting your advertising and driving engagement; putting your supply in front of the demand before anyone else does. In some cases, innovation can create the demand for the supply you have.

Simple occasions

I recently saw a presentation from Dave Trott at The Next Big Thing where he shared a video of an extremely effective piece of creative advertising. This was an ice cream van playing Greensleeves.

It’s simple, timeless, un-networked and creative. Its impact is even more powerful because it capitalises on an occasion. People are out of home, work, having fun, playing, being energetic and feeling positive. People in this instance could do with some refreshment and are probably in the right frame of mind for an ice cream.

Furthermore, ice cream van music can create demand when maybe there wasn’t any before. When you hear that ice cream van tune (and it’s not always Greensleeves), you suddenly think ‘yea, I could go for an ice cream right now’, ergo an occasion is created.

Bugger it; let’s get a takeaway

I often have that moment when I decide, I’ve had a long day, can’t be bothered to cook, it’s raining etc… and I think, bugger it — let’s get a take away. I then call my partner to convince her this is a good idea, research what we’re going to have and then order from my mobile, laptop or tablet — whatever’s closest at hand. This is an occasion where I need supply, or at least supply options.

Mobile gives us the opportunity to capitalise on previously hard-to-reach occasions. When it comes to the ‘takeaway’ example, mobile is present at every stage of my personal experience in this occasion:

  1. Inception — I want to get a takeaway and convince the misses (Call/text/whats app)
  2. Awareness & Consideration — What should we have? Time for research (mobile web and/or app).
  3. Purchase — I know what I want, I’m going to buy (Call/web/app)
  4. Experience — Do I have time to do some work before it arrives — take a look at my order tracker. (Web)

Google has helped refine this further with micromoments, suggesting that people try new things in routine moments — “91% of smartphone users turn to their phone for ideas while doing a given task”. Occasions present fantastic opportunities to engage with customers. Entire businesses, advertising campaigns and marketing campaigns can be built on them.

An occasion for tastecard

We work with our friends at tastecard to leverage the occasion when their target audience plans to eat at one of their partner restaurants. This occasion is sporadic, unplanned and at any mealtime. Furthermore the actual value of an annual tastecard subscription within this ‘occasion’ is hard for the customer to realise.

So, we supported tastecard with the development of a mobile pay-as-you-go solution that enabled the target audience to activate a tastecard subscription, on mobile, at the time they needed it most. We also optimized the user-experience to drive performance of the application. See our tastecard case study to read more on how we did this.

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