Ten Top Examples

Posted by Ailsa Mullins and Gracie Clemens

The world of wearables and IoT has taken off and there are some ground-breaking prototypes and products hitting the market. Fashion, accessories and health trackers seem to be the most prominent industries bringing products to the wearable stage.

Here are a few items we’ve seen so far that stand out from the crowd and are paving the way in the IoT and Wearables market.

  1. bPay: Contactless payments have made a huge impact, however, if you’re not happy with the effort of taking your card out of your wallet, Barclays now offers bPay. This payment solution facilitates contactless payment via a wristband, key fob or sticker. They’re all compatible with any contactless payment points and there’s an app that instantly tracks your spend.
  2. Skully: is an Android AR motorcycle helmet. The helmet features a ‘Heads-up Display’ presenting the driver with a ‘rear-view mirror’ view, speedometer, GPS, call handling and the navigation is voice activated.
  3. Jewelbots: A friendship bracelet for teens that teaches kids the principles of coding. Teens can programme the bracelet to light up when friends are close and send messages to each other across the classroom.
  4. The Leaf: Introduced by Bella Beat (the company behind the heartbeat monitor for babies in the womb), The Leaf is a health tracker for women. The device is a small clip on piece of tech that monitors the usual fitness and health metrics along with sleep quality and menstrual cycles.
  5. Dorothy ‘Ruby’: is a small clip that fits in your shoe. Powered by a Bluetooth chip and syncing with a mobile app, this device can be your escape from a bad date or a simple text to your contacts to let them know where you are. By clicking your heels together three times (just like Dorothy) your predetermined action will be triggered. There’s even talks of an Uber tie up.
  6. Tagg the Pet Tracker: “10 million pets get lost every year”; made by Whistle, this product offers pet owners a GPS tag that clips on to their pet’s collar. The tag allows for live location tracking and will notify the owner’s smartphone when the dog leaves the home’s ‘safe zone’.
  7. Digitsole: This is a fully integrated water resistant insole that tracks steps and fitness metrics and displays results to your phone. There’s even a heating function so you can warm your toes in the cold.
  8. Ralph Lauren’s PoloTech™: Using silver fibre tech and internal accelerometers, this shirt records data from your workouts in real time and saves it to your phone. Breathing, heart rate, stress levels and calories all contribute to how successful your workout is, this shirt saves workout data into the PoloTech™ app and suggests workouts based on your goals and data.
  9. Ringly: A digital ring that connects with the Ringly app; simply customise your notifications and let the ring notify you of appointments through vibration without having to take out your phone. It allows users to tailor mobile notifications to what matters most; from incoming calls and emails, to when their Uber has arrived and even Tinder matches, the user decides when the ring vibrates on their finger and when it doesn’t.
  10. Jabra Sport Pulse: These clever little headphones track your run and heart rate. Runners can track their performance and even set up interval training sessions for future runs.

According to Rock Health, “82% of wearable users believe that wearable tech has enhanced their lives”, but wearable tech isn’t just for fashion and health sectors; it will touch all industries.

Business Insider predicts the global wearables market will grow at a rate of 35% annually over the next 5 years, tripling the amount of units shipped each year from 33 million units to 148 million by 2019. Consumers are comfortable with connected technologies and millennials are starting to expect wearables and ‘Things’ to be connected.

Businesses should be thinking about how they can leverage connected technology and wearable solutions within their wider marketing and operational strategies.

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