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Business challenge

Despite the water slides, entertainment shows and stacks of kids entertainment on board a Royal Caribbean cruise, there was a persistent perception amongst potential consumers that cruises are not for families with kids.

Royal Caribbean asked us to help them develop and deliver a creative solution to do away with this misperception and expand the appeal of cruises to families with young children.


According to the electronic game commission, 1/3 of UK families play mobile games together. In light of this statistic, we explored the idea of creating a game that could excite young children about the prospect of a Royal Caribbean cruise. The insight here was that if we could turn children into advocates, this would be a very effective means for getting the decision maker in the family on board.

The game concept that took forward to launch was a simple but highly addictive continuous runner game featuring the misadventures of a stowaway penguin slip sliding his way around the decks of a Royal Caribbean ship.

Penguin Ahoy


We were blown away by how well Penguin Ahoy! did amongst children and surprisingly, older demographics:

  • 10,000 hours of gameplay in the first month
  • Top 10 in the App Store (Games category)
  • Featured on the Google Play Store
  • Winner – Destination Marketing Solution, Mobile Travel and Tourism Awards 2014.

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