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Business challenge

Maynards operates in a very crowded category and realised that they needed to do something different to distinguish themselves from all the noise in the industry.

They asked us to help with this challenge and consider unique ways of creating a truly differentiating proposition. Our goal was to create a fun, educational experience that would help a new generation of consumers to engage with Maynards and the Discovery Patch range.

It goes without saying that we made a pretty sweet team.

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Project Image


Our initial research led us to a simple insight. We were most likely to drive purchase if we managed to engage the whole family with the Maynards brand experience. The focus here was on a fun, educational experience that could drive repeat use and ultimately, purchase.

At the time of the project, Augmented Reality was a relatively young piece of technology but the more we considered the brand positioning and the experience we were looking to create, the more that we felt it was the perfect opportunity to take a leap of faith and create an experience around this rather primitive but promising piece of technology.

The solution that we arrived at fostered shared discovery and learning between families without any barriers to entry. The experience was triggered by simply scanning a pack of Maynards. On scanning, an immersive, safari-like AR experience would take over that would leverage arguably one of the most effective means for teaching children new concepts - games.

Maynards Discovery Patch was a literal realisation of the product positioning of discovery and offered an inclusive, engaging experience for the whole family to enjoy. Each pack unlocks a new experience, which in turn, promotes and rewards SKU trial.



  • The average user scanned across 2.5 SKUs variants
  • 73% returning users
  • Featured in The Mobile Marketing Magazine
  • Featured in The DRUM
  • Shortlisted for best FMCG in-store initiative - MOMA awards
  • Finalist - best use of AR, MOMA awards 2014
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