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Pledgit is for people that care about their cause. It was founded on the principle that fundraising without putting forward your own financial commitment forward shows a lack of philanthropic leadership.

Pledgit wanted to define a different way in fundraising and asked us to help realise this vision.


We worked with the Pledgit team from the outset to help define their brand positioning and to convey this simple yet powerful idea. We then translated this into a robust product that was able to perform equally well on web and mobile.

Being a fundraising platform, the focus, throughout the process, was on creating a smooth donation experience that prioritised ease of completion and speed.

Pledgit Pledgit


  • £30,000 raised within the platform within the first month of launch
  • 80% of all Pledgit targets reached
  • Campaigns created for leading celebrities including actor Matt (Super Hans) King and Nick Knowles.

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