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Sport Relief
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Business challenge

Sport Relief is a well-loved British institution. However, engagement with Sport Relief traditionally tends to be concentrated on the weekend of the main event. If Sport Relief could widen this window of engagement, they would be able to garner more support.

The Sport Relief team asked us to consider creative ways in which we could widen engagement.



Our solution was The Sport Relief training companion.

This platform acted as the central point for people who were training for the events, and meant that for the first time that we could generate donations from training preparation before their event.

When building the product, we wanted to ensure that we complemented the ways that users were already using lifestyle trackers like Nike Plus and Map My Run rather than force unnatural behaviours on people.

Sport Relief

To ensure full integration with these platforms, we designed our platform to act as either their main health tracker or as a complement to their primary one. People training with Sport Relief were encouraged with a countdown to the big day, however they chose to train.

Sport Relief


  • £51 million raised - making it the most successful Sport Relief at the time
  • Best new app - Apple Store
  • Featured in the Google Play Store
  • Users logged over 100,000 miles to the campaign
  • Best Creative: Peoples’ Choice Award - The Drum

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