Hi Mum! Said Dad Energy is here to help organisations put people in the centre of green energy. We apply user-obsessed design, strategy and development practices to bridge the gap between technical innovation and genuine user value, cutting through the noise to actionable, valuable insights and innovative digital products.

For a long time, the Energy industry has essentially operated behind closed doors. Innovation has often been driven by regulatory or supply-side change, with little consideration for the customer as anything more than a number in a report. As innovations and challengers continue to disrupt the market, as switching becomes easier and more frequent, and as the industry as a whole gets serious about its environmental impact, it is vitally important to create and maintain genuine value adds which enhance the user experience and do not just pay lip service to it.

So far, the industry has struggled with this. Technological innovations like smart meters, time of use tariffs and microgeneration tend to come from new supply-side developments and drivers, rather than truly user-driven insights or testing. That’s not to say they don’t have really exciting potential for users - but they routinely arrive half-baked. Smart Energy has clear potential for the few people who have the smart home products to use all the insights that data can offer - but what does it mean for the vast majority of them who don’t? Time of use tariffs and smart EV chargers have amazing potential for load balancing - but how (if at all) should we convey that to people who have never thought about the grid in their life? People want to do what they can to help protect the planet - but how can we guide them towards impact without overwhelming them with options?

Hi Mum! Said Dad is here to help answer those questions, by giving real people a seat at that table. We bring in the user-driven side which that enables - defining, designing and delivering digital products that solve real problems; for people, our partners and the planet. We work across disrupted industries from Energy to Fintech to Auto Mobility, and across all that work we focus on understanding and building digital products that people truly value. This work is especially important to us in Energy, including work with partners like Tonik and Good Energy, where the adoption of new technologies and behaviours in coming years will shape the world we leave behind for future generations.