Business Challenge

The British Army upholds high standards of fitness that individuals need to meet if they are to successfully enlist in the Army.

The Army approached us because they needed a way of setting expectations about what is required for successfully passing the mandatory fitness test in the recruitment process but they also needed a way of supporting prospective candidates in their journey.

We were asked to create a solution that could maximise the effectiveness of The British Army’s recruitment process by ensuring potential candidates are well prepared when they arrive for their assessment centre.


We joined forces with The British Army to deliver the ultimate training tool for individuals looking to join the Army – 100% Army Fit. This digital training companion was designed and built to give potential recruits every chance of passing the British Army’s notoriously rigorous recruitment program.

From the start of this project, we knew that there’s fit and then there’s Army Fit. That is why we designed every element of the product with the British Army’s actual recruitment process in mind, and by doing so, ensure that potential recruits were 100% ready for their assessment.

To achieve this, we worked closely with the Army‘s Training department to develop in-app content from Drill Sergeants and a leveled journey through the app to make sure that people built their strength in the holistic way required for successful admission into the Army.

Following the huge success of the initial 100% Army Fit, Hi Mum! Said Dad and British Army have worked together to evolve the product for 2018. New features include the calculation of a personalised exercise program for recruits based on variables such as their current fitness, specific strengths and weaknesses as well as the time remaining till their big test. The redesigned version of 100% Army Fit also syncs with wearables, giving users access to crucial biometric data.

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100% Army Fit is the British Army’s official training tool for recruits

  • 87% returning users across iOS and Android
  • Over 2 million user sessions
  • 4.4 star user rating on the Google Play Store
  • “Best use of mobile” – 2015 RAD awards
  • “Best Fitness App of 2015” – the Huffington Post