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Business Challenge

It can be difficult for employees to stay abreast of technology and innovation when it doesn’t form a core part of their day to day. Employees are focused on their day jobs and business as usual tends to take precedence. Technology can also be impenetrable and uninteresting when there is a focus on technical details without providing the bigger picture.

Molson Coors wanted a light tough way of disseminating knowledge across the organisation and to get their workforce to start thinking about how different pieces of technology could be used to improve internal operations as well as the end consumer experience.


We devised ‘Digital Bytes’, an internal education programme for Molson Coors. The platform and its content is designed to arm Molson Coors employees with conversational digital knowledge across a range of important topics.

Hi Mum! Said Dad produces curated educational content, creates the videos and delivers the Bytes programme through a native app, emails and push to a range of stakeholders across functions in the business.

Digital Bytes means that Molson Coors employees can stay informed, engage with what the business is doing and recognise the great opportunities available for the business and its consumers.

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