Business Challenge

Vouchering is a tried and tested way to drive awareness, consideration and footfall.

However, vouchering across convenience stores and independent pubs was stuck in the dark ages. Digital journeys collapsed at redemption because there was no available network for redemption that offered a consistent, simple and ubiquitous experience for consumers and outlets alike.

This fragmentation made it impossible for large brands to run scaled nationwide promotional campaigns and very difficult and frustrating for consumers to take advantage of brand offers. Similarly, outlets needed footfall at a manageable cost and without significant impact on staff and their general operations.

Our challenge was to devise an alternative that would make make redeeming vouchers a seamless experience in outlets across the UK.


Hi Mum! Said Dad and Molson Coors collaborated in a joint venture to launch Drove, the new standard in digital vouchering. The Drove network enables brands to run nationwide campaigns across 30,000 outlets, making it the UK’s largest redemption network across pubs and convenience stores.

Drove is facilitated by an end-to-end digital ecosystem that offers touchpoints across consumers, pubs, convenience stores and brands.


Brands access Drove via a self-service portal that enables brands to create and manage campaigns. This includes: the creation of a responsive website (mobile and desktop), administration of vouchers, financial monitoring and performance monitoring.


Pubs access Drove via an in-outlet voucher scanner unit and a web dashboard. The Drove scanner enables pubs to scan vouchers and track redemptions. The web dashboard enables outlet owners to view upcoming campaigns, manage staff, add additional venues, manage the financial aspects as well as monitor performance.

Convenience Stores

Convenience outlets that have paypoint integration can use Drove where available and others can access Drove through the bespoke scanner unit. Participating outlets benefit from the brand campaigns run via the Drove Marketplace.


Consumers access Drove via the campaign website, where they can find participating outlets via an outlet map and can also save vouchers to their Apple Wallet or on their device.

With off-trade and on-trade routes combined, the Drove marketplace is the largest voucher network in the UK and is available for all FMCG brands to use. Drove has been designed to solve the common pain points for brands and outlets wishing to run and participate in, respectively, voucher campaigns for promotions and/or trial.


Since Drove was launched in 2016, Molson Coors have enjoyed an average redemption rate or 20-25% on their vouchering campaigns.

This is a hugely significant improvement on the industry average of 1-2%. Drove is now the UK’s largest independent vouchering network with over 30,000 redeeming outlets across the country and there are plans to scale this network further.