Alexa Skill, Conversation Design, Strategy


Project Overview

Hi Mum! Said Dad and Magic Light Pictures have created an immersive Alexa skill that brings the wonderful world of Gruffalo straight into your home. The skill is designed to incentivise families to come back every day to engage with their favourite characters, the animations and the sounds they recognise and love from the films.

Business Challenge

All was quiet in the deep dark wood… Until Hi Mum! Said Dad and Magic Light Pictures collaborated to create an immersive and energetic Alexa skill that brings the wonderful world of Gruffalo straight into your home. 

Magic Light, a producer of high-quality films and products, are no strangers to being at the forefront of creative and immersive ways to bring the magical stories of the Gruffalo World to the adoring young public. 

With an already impressive L&M program that includes interactive digital experiences, theme park rides, woodland activity trails and traditional gameplay, the compelling medium of voice opens up an exciting channel for Magic Light to bring The Gruffalo and its characters to life in another new way.

Alexa offers a unique opportunity to captivate and unleash the imagination and creative expression lingering within us all. By channelling our ability to focus and listen, Alexa allows our imagination to run wild. Thus, it seemed only natural that voice would become the next medium for a brand that is built around creative play, storytelling and adventure.

Armed with a plethora of emotive sounds, film clips and music and at our disposal, we set out on our own exploration in how we could bring such rich content to voice.  

Our challenge was to create a skill that brought the Gruffalo world to life in a creative and interactive way to allow fans to immerse themselves with their favourite characters.

Here’s how we did it.


We hope you’ve stretched your limbs and cleared your throat. 

Now prepare to slither like Snake, hoot loudly like Owl, or pull your scariest Gruffalo face. ‘Gruffalo Move’ gives fans the chance to meet their favourite characters as they enter the deep dark wood and engage in an exciting array of immersive character-based activities.

Leveraging the majestic leitmotifs and music of the award-winning Gruffalo film and combining it with an activity-based approach, we have created a skill that brings users’ closer to their favourite Gruffalo characters.

Indeed, we wanted to create an experience that promoted active participation and creativity with a focus on allowing kids to explore the movements and sounds of their body, rather than a passive listening experience. We, therefore, developed the skill to focus on the child’s energy and creative spark as Alexa presents an array of exciting activities that mimic the sounds and actions of the wild Gruffalo characters. The skill also utilises first-class design techniques to ensure the interactions are straightforward, yet maintain the attention of our young audience.

Gruffalo case study

Built into the activities is an innovative cyclical function that ensures users won’t receive the same character or activities when they go to play again. This extends the longevity of the skill and also maintains the excitement and intrigue over the activities or character they may meet that day.

Gruffalo case study

If that wasn’t enough, we developed a unique ‘easter egg’ feature into the skill to reward our users for meeting all of their characters by offering a bonus feature. By developing this ‘unlock’ feature, we are able to set-up future iterations of the skill with the ability to unlock new and exciting content or prizes that continue to engage and delight our audience.

Gruffalo case study

In order to ensure that we were hitting the sweet spot with our concept, we performed user testing with a selection of children ranging from 4-8 at Amazon HQ. The skill validated that the design was fit for our audience and helped us to tweak the design to allow for greater simplicity in the user-Alexa interactions and remove any unforeseen pain-points within the design.

The result is a high-production and energetic skill that perfectly captures the ask to bring-to-life the characters of the Gruffalo world.


Gruffalo Move was let loose on the Alexa Skills Store in late-November. So watch this space!