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Project overview

Hi Mum! Said Dad and Amazon Prime Video UK partnered to create an engaging skill for Premier League fans on the Alexa platform. The skill aimed to drive awareness and anticipation of Amazon Prime’s exclusive rights to 20 Premier League games on Amazon Prime.

Business Challenge

Hi Mum! Said Dad and Amazon Prime Video UK have partnered to create an engaging quiz skill for Premier League fans on the Alexa platform.

The skill aimed to achieve this by driving awareness and anticipation of Amazon Prime’s rights to 20 Premier League games shown live and exclusively on Amazon Prime this December.  This is the first time ever in the UK that all early December midweek matches and boxing day games will be shown live.

With such a big calendar event and access to well-known players and football personalities, we had a huge opportunity to create something truly engaging that has to power to drive awareness and convert Alexa users to Amazon Prime members.


The Ultimate Premier League Quiz skill offers Premier League fans a chance to compete against other supporters in a head to head football quiz.

We settled on a quiz format because it is a leading category amongst Alexa users and the mechanism allowed us to bring forward the elements that make football great - the competition, the players, the personalities and the tribalism.

To get started, Players choose the Premier League team they wish to represent. Once set, they’re pitted against another player representing an opposing side. Every day players will get three challenging questions. The questions are the same for everyone each day, and they earn points for each correct answer. If the player beats their opponent they build on their winning streak. A higher winning streak means more points.

Amazon Prime Football Quiz Alexa Skill

The quiz was designed to leverage the inherent competition between supporters by pitting player against player and team against team. We take this further by featuring football personalities and well-known football players from every team to encourage quiz players as they progress.

The most successful voice skills become part of a user’s regular routine; and so, the user journey was designed with habitual use in mind. We achieved this via a combination of best in class design tactics. For instance, we broke the experience into a small daily challenge rather than a larger one-time experience. We reward users for winning streaks over time, and just like football itself, a user maintaining a winning streak comes at the experience of an opposing player representing an opposing team. These design practices ensure that user invests value in the product as they engage.

Alexa Prime Quiz

The Ultimate Premier League Skill uses Amazon’s APL technology to facilitate a visual experience on the screen enabled Amazon Echo Spot, Echo Show and Fire TV; combined with high production quality, sound engineered specifically for voice interfaces and rich visual assets, the Ultimate Premier League skill is a highly immersive, pioneering voice experience.

The solution is hosted on AWS using a serverless architecture and has been optimised for high usage.

Alexa Prime Quiz


The Ultimate Premier League Quiz is hot off the press and results are being collated. Watch this space.

Press coverage: The Sun, Eastern Daily Press, The Ambient, Pink Un