By uncovering the ground truth, we identify meaningful opportunities and create products that make a difference.

Discovery & Definition

Typical Timeframe
2 - 4 weeks
Discovery and Definition
What is it?

This package kick-starts the process of identifying the right solution for your business challenges. The process aims to uncover key consumers, industry and business truths through interviews and a comprehensive research phase.

Our findings are then distilled into stimuli for a collaborative session that engages teams across the business. By leveraging teams’ key insights and knowledge, we aim to identify a set of prioritised business propositions that can deliver against the key strategic goals and metrics outlined at the beginning of the project.

The last step in the process aims to stress test our strategic thinking thus far by articulating our propositions into a form that can be accurately tested with consumers. The focus here is on transparency and objectivity.

The outputs from this process are a set of clear strategic recommendations about which proposition to move forward with, which is informed consumer feedback.

Product Prototyping

Typical Timeframe
4 - 8 weeks
Product Prototyping
What is it?

This package aims to delve deeper into key aspects of our chosen proposition to gain deeper insight from consumers.

We create a more cohesive prototype that closely approximates what the final product could look like. By doing this, we are able to test both functionality and usability in a more meaningful way. These are all invaluable insights to elicit before development.

By the end of this process, we will have clear insight into the way consumers think and talk about our proposition. We will know what functionality they love, what they find confusing, what aspects are deal breakers and above all, a clearer sense of what the roadmap for our product should look like.

The outputs from this process are a product roadmap informed by everything that has come before and a watertight business case which demonstrates how we engaged cross-functional teams to go from sticky notes to a prototype tested by consumers. The final prototype is a combination of fundamental truths, stakeholder knowledge and insight as well as consumer feedback.

Build & Launch

Typical Timeframe
12+ weeks
Build and launch
What is it?

This package focuses on getting high quality products built and launched quickly without compromising on the initial strategic vision and value to be delivered. This means there is strategic oversight through the build process and the word ‘build’ also means identifying and including the tracking of meaningful product metrics. A failure to do this devalues everything that has come before.

Hi Mum! Said Dad leverages agile, iterative development approaches that enable us to adapt to business and market changes. Sprints typically run in 2 week periods, ensuring that you have regular visibility of work in progress as we move towards a launch candidate.

The outcome for the package is a fully functional digital product launched to market in as little as 8-12 weeks. The process is geared for speed, transparency and collaboration from start to finish.

Ongoing Product Improvement

Typical Timeframe
Ongoing Product Improvement
What is it?

Success = 30% big idea + 70% iteration. This isn’t lip service - it is a mantra that we truly believe in.

Wildly successful products are created through ongoing iteration and improvement. A big idea alone is never enough. This package is geared towards ongoing iteration and support of digital products.


Iteration is both an art and a science. User behaviour, feedback and product metrics from live products are indisputable - the numbers do not lie. What the numbers do tell us is a story. A story that we can decipher and interpret as a hypothesis to test, a product improvement to integrate or a flow to refine. And how do we know if our course of action has shifted the needle? Numbers. They don’t lie.

The outcome of this package includes ongoing technical support, retained teams for developing product strategy and iterative development, 2nd line support and technical performance monitoring.

Hi Mum! Said Dad are a real hands-on firm who can turn their hand to any aspect of digital product development.


Linn B.

Information Security & Data Protection Officer, TasteCard

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