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Our Thinking

We like to take time out to ponder. It’s a welcome break and has the added bonus of fueling our future work.

H! Lites — Issue #043: Remote Testing 101, Alexa Everywhere & You and How to build product trust through strategy

April 9th, 2020|

As part of our focus on new working processes, we’ve included an installment on remote user testing. It is still critical to involve your users in your design process and luckily there are a raft of excellent tools and techniques for getting this down without the UX lab. We also look at what opportunities are offered by Amazon's Alexa Everywhere initiative on TVs and how to build trust through product strategy.

A guide to making a brilliant chatbot

December 17th, 2018|

It is noticeable that there are very few great executions of chatbots out in the wild. So, we decided to dissect the art (and science!) of building a chatbot and in doing so, we put together this brief guide on building one that is effective.

H! Lites — Issue #021: As Google strays from democracy, BIMA and Robinhood focus on democratising…

August 6th, 2018|

This week, we look at the implications of Google’s collaboration with the Chinese government in the project titled ‘Dragonfly’ and the new ways Facebook and Instagram promote greater digital well-being. We also discuss the ways in which companies are bringing financial services to the masses, both in the U.S and in developing countries.