Project Description


Design, Development, Rapid Prototyping, User Testing


Project overview

Snoop’s a new kind of app, designed to help everyone spend, save and live smarter. Hi Mum! Said Dad is partnering with the Snoop team to build an enterprise-level app from the ground up.

Business Challenge

The Snoop team are on a mission to help consumers take back a large chunk of the £12 billion they lose out on each year as a result of their loyalty to the banks and big businesses they deal with.

To achieve this, the team are taking advantage of Open Banking and using machine-learning capability to deliver ‘Snoops’ - data-driven, personalised insights aimed at making consumers better off.

Over time the aim is for Snoop to become both a leading brand in tech, and banking, without ever taking customer deposits or lending. The best experience in banking will no longer be with a bank.

Hi Mum! Said Dad has partnered with Snoop to bring this mission to life and to take Snoop from a big idea to a fully functioning product that lives on consumer devices across the UK.



Snoop is built on significant heritage. The founders comprise a team that worked together at Virgin Money, with former Virgin Money CEO, Dame Jayne-Anne Gadhia, as Chair.

To take Snoop from big idea to a fully working product, Hi Mum! Said Dad worked in close collaboration with the Snoop team to deliver:

● Research-driven product definition and user testing
● User Experience, Visual Direction and UI design
● Enterprise-level technical development from the ground up

Hi Mum! Said Dad run a continuous and fully agile process and operate as a dedicated extension of the Snoop business.

The platform is hosted on AWS, designed using the well-architected framework to provide a highly secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient application. It provides the backbone for the microservices and recommendation engine.

Snoop App Collaboration

Snoop App Collaboration

Snoop App Collaboration


Moving fast is crucial, so Hi Mum! Said Dad and Snoop collaborated on a process to establish a reliable foundation, uncover and validate critical design decisions, and then move into an agile delivery phase that would lead to a Minimum Marketable Product (MMP) as swiftly as possible.

Snoop MMP

Snoop App Screens

Our process of validating and testing a deeper prototype allowed us to gain clear insights into the way real consumers reacted to the Snoop proposition and the design decisions that had been made.

A net promoter score of 75+ for the prototype illustrated what users really connected with and found useful in the concept, and identified the areas where users tripped up, allowing us to pivot quickly and redesign elements and interactions before investing development resources.

Aside from modelling an effective program of getting things done and seeing very positive results in user testing - Snoop is getting noticed with coverage in The Sunday Times, FinTech Futures, 11:FS and messages of support from Richard Branson.