What We Do

Hi Mum! Said Dad define, design and develop award-winning digital products and services.

We have structured our services into 4 packages.

Hi Mum! Said Dad is a digital product and innovation consultancy. We use creativity, technical know-how, and sharp insight to break new ground and solve problems for people and businesses.

We believe that creating digital products is a science, and so we place deep research and consultancy throughout the entire life-cycle of our products. Right from conception through to user experience, UI design, build and ongoing interaction, we strive to remove the subjectivity and anecdotal hearsay that ultimately leads to failed projects and wasted budgets.

Discovery & Definition

Discovery & Definition

Typical Timeframe
2 - 4 Weeks

This package kick-starts the process of identifying the right solution for your business challenges.

Discovery begins with a comprehensive view of the target consumer, market landscape and the unique operating context of your business. These insights are used as a foundation to define a range of business propositions that deliver against the strategic goals outlined at the beginning of the project.

All outcomes are tested directly with our target consumer, giving you the confidence that your digital product is on the right track before moving it forward.

Product Prototyping

Product Prototyping

Typical Timeframe
4 - 8 Weeks

This package delves deeper and visualises a chosen proposition to gain insight from consumers.

We design and develop a hi-fidelity prototype that closely approximates what the final product could look like. By doing this, we are able to test both functionality and usability. These are all invaluable insights to elicit before development.

The process gives us clear insight into the way consumers think and talk about our proposition. We will know what functionality they love, what they find confusing, what aspects are deal breakers and above all, a clearer sense of what the roadmap for our product should look like.

Build & Launch

Build & Launch

Typical Timeframe
12+ Weeks

Hi Mum! Said Dad build and launch robust digital products for key sectors including Financial Services, Energy, Big-Tech, Travel, Property Development and so on.

Our in-house engineering team provide the in-depth technical consultation and collaboration necessary for effective and effecient development of large scale, complex solutions. No off-shoring, no outsourcing.

We leverage agile development approaches that enable us to adapt to business and market changes. Sprints typically run in 2 week periods, ensuring that you have regular visibility of work in progress as we move towards a launch candidate.

Ongoing Product Improvement

Ongoing Product Improvement

Typical Timeframe

Success = 30% big idea + 70% iteration. This isn’t lip service - it is a mantra that we truly believe in.

Wildly successful products are created through ongoing iteration and improvement. A big idea alone is never enough. This package is geared towards ongoing iteration and support of digital products.

Support and iteration includes ongoing product strategy and iterative development, technical maintenance, 2nd line support and technical performance monitoring.

Our Specialisms

Design Sprints
UX Design
UI Design
Rapid Prototyping
User Testing
iOS Development
Android Development
Web + Cloud Development
IoT Development
Voice UI
Technical Support
Quality Assurance
Reporting and Data Analytics
Iterative Product Development

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