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We are Original Experience Manufacturers.

As car ownership becomes just one part of shifting consumer behaviour towards a wider, multi-modal mobility ecosystem, the future of the car is just as much in the experience as it is in the equipment. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) need to partner with Original Experience Manufacturers (also OEMs) to create products and services that meet the demands of today and tomorrow's consumers. Hi Mum! Said Dad are experts in the end-to-end research, strategy, design and build of powerful user-centred experiences that blend seamlessly with the equipment for winning brand differentiation.

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Hi Mum! Said Dad creates new products and experiences for Auto Mobility Start-Ups and heavyweight incumbents. Our UK studio does everything from proposition definition to experience design and engineering - all under one roof. We move fast, we drive results and we put the target audience on centre stage.

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Craig Wills
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