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Bestinvest gives people all they need to invest with confidence. We reinvented its proposition and brand to encourage more customers to master their money.

1m Britons have £100k+ to invest
6 months for a total redesign

The brief

Visualisation can be very powerful. When people can ‘see’ their personal financial goals, they become better at moving towards them. Online investment platform, Bestinvest, wanted to tap into this, by helping more people understand the impact of today’s decisions on tomorrow.

The team brought us in to refresh the proposition and brand to attract a broader range of customers. They wanted to provide more guidance for existing investors. And they wanted to engage less experienced customers, giving them an entry point to the market with the tools and reassurance they needed to invest with confidence.

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Creating broad appeal

We designed a best-in-class user experience, to make sure that Bestinvest was always engaging and accessible. We defined features and services that really added value, making the choice of products clear. And we completed it with a whole new look and feel for the brand. 

Throughout the process, we collaborated with real users and key stakeholders. And we underpinned it all with regular user testing. It was essential that we respected the needs of the loyal customer base whilst creating a platform that would resonate with a new audience.

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Fitting into an established team

Bestinvest was already an active offering, so our team didn’t start with a blank canvas – which brought its own challenges. There were existing technologies to consider, and established systems and processes to work around. 


We worked closely with the team throughout the project, taking into account the needs of multiple stakeholders and an array of KPIs. This required us to build strong relationships across the organisation as well as with other third parties. Ongoing and open communication between everyone involved made sure the rebrand was a success.

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Bestinvest wanted to appeal to younger customers looking for affordable and credible ways to invest

Making possibility playful

Now at Bestinvest, people can buy and sell a diverse range of shares, funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or invest in a ready-made portfolio built by investment experts. 

Customers can get free investment coaching with qualified financial planners, and use smart planning tools to set tangible life goals, simulate possible outcomes and plot a path towards making them a reality.

The Bestinvest platform was re-launched in May 2022, and has been very well received so far.

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