Hi Mum! Said Dad partnered with the fine folk at Lippincott and Evelyn Partners to completely redefine the Bestinvest offering and attract a new generation of investors.

At the core of the project, the team at Evelyn Partners recognised that there was a major gap in the market when it came to relatively younger investors who were looking for affordable and credible ways to invest

With this in mind, we had an opportunity to grow our market share and set out a new direction for Bestinvest that would serve investors and the business well into the future.

We set a new direction by building a clear understanding of what today’s would-be investors are looking for. It became clear that our new breed of investors was advice-seeking but had no real point of entry into the market.

This audience was underserved and represented a potential £200B opportunity with 1 million Britons having over £100k to invest.

With that backdrop, Hi Mum! Said Dad and Evelyn Partners set out to design a brand-new look and feel, define winning features and services, and design a best-in-class user experience that would both talk to our target audience and appeal to the existing client base.

Business Challenge

Bestinvest was established in 1986. The brand has been a well-respected, consistent force in the market over the years, it represents £3 billion under management and a strong existing client base.

However, there was no denying that the base was ageing, and without action, was set to decline. Bestinvest had to rethink the offering in order to engage new customers and reinvent the brand to cater to a burgeoning opportunity segment.

All research pointed to the changing needs of investors and a whole generation of valuable would-be investors that struggled to find an entry point in the market.

So, how did we evolve Bestinvest? How do we attract a new generation of investors, while still respecting the needs of our current loyal base?

As an important heritage brand with an active offering, the challenge did not start with a blank canvas, making it even more challenging.


At the core of the new proposition strategy, an important principle was set: Bestinvest must empower people to make better ‘tomorrow’ decisions today with confidence.

We set out to help give people the tools and the understanding to move towards their financial goals, whatever they might be.

With Bestinvest, Investors can do much of the usual stuff like buy and sell a diverse range of shares, funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or invest in a Ready-made Portfolio (built by investment experts).

Bestinvest portfolio overview-min

What really makes Bestinvest a unique and compelling service is free investment coaching with qualified financial planners, and smart planning tools that allow you to set tangible life goals, simulate possible outcomes and plot a path towards making them a reality.

We were guided by the experience principle of ‘making possibility playful’ in response to a very real insight that many investors find it difficult to invest in a future because of the many options.

Hi Mum! Said Dad worked closely with Evelyn Partners to make this a reality.

Our teams collaborated with real users and key stakeholders along the way. It was key that we were able to tap into the vast knowledge held by the experienced team at Evelyn Partners as well as map what underpinned the service at Evelyn Partners HQ.

The new designs and features were regularly tested with real users throughout the process. Iterative user testing helped us evolve the direction early and often and ensured that the result resonated with target users and gave it the best chance of achieving our business objectives.


The Bestinvest platform was relaunched in May 2022, supported by media campaign “You work hard for your money