Business Challenge

Banking is being disrupted.

Whether by new digital-only banking brands, countless weird and wonderful FinTech products or the advent of Open Banking, the rate of disruption is increasing and with it comes a brilliant opportunity for NatWest to differentiate with exciting products and new ways of doing old things.

NatWest has the scale and the know-how to take advantage of this new wave of opportunities in a way that many startups simply can’t match. However, like many large organisations speed is hard to achieve and NatWest knows better than anyone, time is money.

So, how do we balance the need for rapid innovation with a robust and scientific approach?


Hi Mum! Said Dad has partnered with NatWest to pioneer an innovative digital prototyping program designed to solve the stickiest of challenges, swiftly and scientifically.

Each challenge is tackled over 8 weekly sprints. During which, we draw on experts from the organisation to establish the opportunity space, our user needs and the operational context.

With this information in hand, we construct a central hypothesis that we aim to validate across the 8-week process. This is underpinned by a detailed measurement strategy.

RBS Innovation Program

RBS Innovation Program

The process leverages the expert team at Hi Mum! Said Dad alongside key knowledge holders from NatWest in order to arrive at a solution that is then run through a series of user testing activities.

RBS Innovation Program

RBS Innovation Program

At the end of the process, we have a working prototype that answers our objective and has been validated with users.

The emphasis on co-creation and wide stakeholder involvement means that solution consider operational and technical realities for the business and therefore can take flight with little friction and ultimately means that we arrive at a confident, validated position within 8 weeks.

Products that prove to be successful progress to a closed beta phase for deeper quantitative analysis with a selected segment of our target audience.


Hi Mum! Said Dad and NatWest have pioneered the process that has now become the new standard for digital prototyping and innovation.